LPAT-S Spanish

The LPAT-S is a BPPE approved Ability to Benefit test in Spanish

It consists of two parts: 

  1. A literal comprehension reading test. 
  2. An arithmetic test. 

The LPAT-S can be used only by schools that offer curriculum in Spanish. 

It is available as a paper/pencil test. Students take the test on specially designed scanforms that are mailed to ACTT for scoring. Emails are sent to the school with the student results. A 70% correct answer is a passing score 

The cost is $195 per year for the site license and $12.50 per student mail-in packet. A mail-in packet includes the answer sheet scanform, a large mail-in envelope addressed to ACTT, a cover sheet, scoring by ACTT and entering the data into a database, and emailing the results to the school.

This test is only approved in California by the Bureau of Private Post Secondary Education (BPPE) for admissions purposes, and may not be used for Federal Financial Aid. 

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